Pro Series 1/32 and HO Controllers

Pro Series Electronic Controllers

The Pro Series of controllers are linear electronic controllers from OS3 capable of running all HO, 1/32 and some 1/24 cars depending on the style selected.  It requires only two wires to operate and is housed in the familiar Parma handle with an OS3 rounded edge trigger.   41" of super flexible 14ga wire outside the handle are terminated with color coded insulators over solid copper clips.   Each controller features a smooth trigger action covering a 40-Band wiping area.   Fuses are set in the wires for easy diagnosis and replacement.   (Lite version have different wire and clips as indicated on their respective pages)

Designed for the standard Positive wired track where the White is Positive and the passenger side rail is ground.
It will operate on 2 wire and 3 wire systems including home sets where only two wire connections are available.
It can run on any voltage from 6V to 24V but runs best between 10-14V for 1/32 and 12-20V for HO.

The Pro Series is available in 3 styles, ALL Pro and Pro Lite and Lite with 2 ranges for each HO and 1/32.

A brief breakdown of Controller functions follows:

HO ALL Pro - Adjustable Sensitivity with 3-Range Switch, Coast, Choke, Adjustable 100 ohm Brakes and Brake/Off/Coast Switch.

32 ALL Pro - Adjustable Sensitivity with 3-Range Switch, Adjustable Brakes with 3-Range Switch and Choke.

HO Pro Lite - Adjustable Sensitivity and Adjustable 100 ohm Brakes.

32 Pro Lite - Adjustable Sensitivity, Choke, and Adjustable 25 ohm Brakes.

HO Lite - Adjustable Sensitivity and On/Off Brakes.

32 Lite - Adjustable Sensitivity and On/Off Brakes.

All Pro Series controllers feature the following:

Compact Design         Transistor-in-the-Handle design allows the controller to be light and compact while also reducing the sharp edges and cumbersome weight associated with Transistor-on-the-Wires designs.

Plastic Base (Pro)       Provides Easy-to-Read Labeling and ample spacing.  Rigid but soft to survive drops.  Curved for easy holding.

Pivot Rivet                  Redesigned rivet removes the slop in the bushing and eliminates the need for bearings.  It also locks into the frame to prevent the trigger from drifting in position.

Protected Circuitry    The main transistor is internally protected from short circuits (not available on the Lite controllers).   An external Mini Automotive fuse is included to protect track wiring and Power Supplies but is not necessary to protect the controller.   The fuse can be easily checked and quickly replaced.  The electronic circuit board is hidden in the handle or protected by the plastic display panel.   This prevents a drop from cracking the circuit board and damaging the controller.  The All Pro switches are also positioned so that they can't be inadvertantly switched when laying the controller down.  The controller can be laid down anywhere without risk of having the circuitry contact the track and cause damage to the controller.

Nickel-Plated board   Resists wear while providing good electrical contact.  Use of a wiper board vice a "wiperless" pot removes the need for annoying switches that click everytime you pull or release the trigger.

Flexible Wiper Arm   Prevents the need for complicated and expensive hinges while performing the same function of maintaining positive contact with minimal pressure to the wiping surface.

Aluminum Frame       Redesigned frame serves as a heatsink and houses all components reducing overall weight.

Pro Series Fuses

Pro Series Fuses are for the protection of the track and Power Supply.   Use care in selecting the correct size fuse for your controller.   Please refer to the section "Protection" and "Why does your Fuse Blow" prior to selcting your fuse.

5 Amp (Brown) Standard Pro Series fuse.  Allows the fuse to blow before damaging protection circuitry in the commonly used MG PS10AD 10A Power Supplies.
7.5 Amp (Dark Red) Intended for tracks that are already protected or where Power Supplies can handle momentary shorts.

Pro Series fuses are for the Pro Series controllers only and will not work in any other OS3 controller.

$3.00/5 Fuses

$5.00/10 Fuses

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