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Magnet Spacing Tool

Precision machined at .700" (ECHORR/Fray Minimum) this tool is designed to fit in between the magnets on an Aurora Thunderjet/DASH chassis to accurately set the magnet distance.   The edges are machined flat to prevent binding against the chassis walls.   To assist in removing the tool from the chassis the tool comes with a knurled handle for superior grip.


Pickup Shoe Sanders
Abrasive plastic disks for cleaning and sanding pickup shoes. Disks are available in sets of three or mounted on a 1/8" mandrel. 220 grit (maroon) is for sanding the shoes flat and 400 grit (blue) is for light sanding and cleaning.

Advanced Slot Car Racing Oil

Free-jet is a low viscosity lubricant that yields extremely low surface friction. It has the highest lubricity of any light oil and is race proven and long lasting. It is plastic compatible, non-conductive, and is suitable for all chassis bearing points including the armature. It will not contaminate the brushes or foul the commutator.

Free-Jet Oil   $9.50

Liquid Arm Bushing

L.A.B. is a medium viscosity lubricant that has all the characteristics and versatility of Free-Jet but is best suited for use on armature shaft bearing points. It bonds to working surfaces, is very long lasting, and will not break down or wear away even under the most strenuous racing conditions.

LAB   $9.50

Resin body mounting screws


Scale Engineering

Wheel Press & Accessories

Wheel Press includes Gear Adapter and .198" Post Adapters

Post Adapters install opposite the screw.

The Kit includes:   (.170", 188", .228", .248", .258", .268", .278", .293", .308")

Cap Adapters install on the screw end.
The Kit includes:   (.198", .213", .228", .248", .258", .268", 278", 293", .308")

Adapter rack holds the Post Adapters

164-310 Wheel Puller   $25.00

Out of Stock

164-320 Pinion Tool   $10.00
For Removing Inline Pinions
and T-Jet Wheels

Out of Stock

TGT-2 T-Jet Pinion Gear Puller   $25.00

Out of Stock

TGT-3 Pickup Shoe Tool   $50.00

TGT-6 Guide Pin Tool   $20.00

Stainless Steel and Teflon Tjet Arm and Crown Gear Spacers
(.065" ID installs on oversize axles)
.003 - 100/$10.95, all others 100/$6.95

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