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Model Motoring 70 Chevelles

Model Motoring 70 Chevelles


Please read the Detailed Info section before ordering.

Body Color
Stripe Color

These Model Motoring 70 Chevelles were stored in boxes unprotected from each other.  They were received in bags along with scuffs, scratches, dirt and such.  We have cleaned and polished these models to restore them to a "better than new" shine. Some areas are harder to polish like stripes or pad printed accents.  Car with stripes, especially black stripes, may still have minor imperfections in the stripes.  The black stripes are printed extremely thin and any attempt to polish them ends up damaging or removing them.  Some pad printed silver accents may also be partially gone due to storage damage or polishing.  All of these models had "Mold Scratches" in the trunks, hoods and roofs.  These are scratches that are in the mold and appear in the exact same position on every car .  We have removed these scratches.  We have removed cars that don't meet our standards for these polished models.  Models that didn't survive the polishing process, we plan to offer as blems later.  IROC colors (Red, White, Blue, Yellow) and Orange are in extremely low quantity or completely unavailable.  Please see the photos.

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