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Latest News

OS3 Customers,


This is just a quick note about our upcoming show schedule, website changes and other tidbits.



We will be at the following shows:


26 Mar - Baltimore/Aberdeen, MD show

8 Apr - Easton, PA show

6 May - America on Wheels show, Allentown (pending)

21 May - Parsippany, NJ show



Some of our Multi-Color 10 Packs have changed. Crown Gears, Front and Rear Wheels still have the original 10 standard colors.  The 11/23/26T Gears and TFX Guide Pins now include Lime Green, Aqua and Mexico Blue instead of Purple, Gold and Teal.  These 3 new colors are also available in ALL parts separately. Lavender is not available separately.



Our Rear Axle Assemblies are now available in .366" and ,378" sizes along with our standard size of .352"



We have decided to list some Hot Chassis for those who are retrofitting the TFX Chassis to run the 5 ohm/Black Dragon set up for HOT/Drag racing. You can now purchase a complete RTR car in this set up in Red, White, Blue, Yellow or Black.  No other colors are available.  We do not offer them with Brass gears installed and have NO plans to do so in the future.  We are also offering this 5ohm/BD set up without wheels and tires. It will come with a loose uninstalled 15T crown gear, guide pin, and either 2 SS or 2 Tungsten 1 5/16" axles for full width racing. It is available in Black ONLY.  No other custom options are available.



We have been trying to get caught up with making controllers.  We have been able to keep the HO Lite in Stock and have been making the Elites to order.  We have two All Pros in stock at the moment.  We hope to get the ALL Pro and Elite in stock very soon.  If you would like to order the ALL Pro or Elite you can send us an email and pay by Paypal to reserve one.  This is the only way to get the color combo you desire.  After purchase, we will begin to make your controller.


Custom Orders and Discounts

We are constantly receiving requests for custom orders.  We make our items in batches and sometimes do not return to making that part again for weeks.  Custom orders would bog us down and take up way too much time.  This is not my main job and I am sent out of town a lot.  These custom requests also require special pricing which we do not wish to calculate.  (Cars without tires, install brass gears, make it with long axles, etc.)  Please understand our situation.  We offer over 150 options for RTR cars, 14 different colors, 3 different tire sizes, 5 different motors, and all the spare parts in most colors. We can't offer every option but we think our selection is quite adequate.


We constantly get asked for discounts.  Customers cancel orders if they don't receive big discounts for what they think are worthy orders.  We work hard to make all our items.  We stay very busy.  ALL our Chassis and Controllers are fully assembled in house by me.  Purchasing a lot of items does not reduce our labor time or cost.  I struggle to keep up with controller orders now.  Ordering 6 controllers does not reduce the time it takes to make them, it just pays less for the hours worked.  We also believe that offering discounts can cause heartburn when some customers compare received discounts. We have run into this situation in the past. 


In lieu of discounts we are going to offer Freebies at certain price levels.  The Freebies will be standard gifts that are not open for requests.  The Freebies are meant to help promote our products so we will be offering RTR chassis and our most common armature.  Order totals do include tax, shipping or RT products.  Wix, our web developer, will not make these freebies automatic so we will just include them in the orders.  If we happen to forget, please give us a FRIENDLY email reminder.  We are not offering these freebies to any previous orders, sorry.


$200 Order - 2 16 ohm Typhoons

$300 Order - 1 Black 16/15 TFX

$500 Order - 2 Black 16/15 TFX



USPS sends out shipping info when your label is printed. Please check your SPAM folder if it does not arrive in your Inbox.  


Please add onestopslotshop@gmail and to your contacts to ensure you can receive future emails.  Please continue using our onestopslotshop@gmail for correspondence.  The other email is for mass emails only at this time.


One last note is that we have included a $20 minimum to our orders. If you are unable to checkout please ensure your order is over $20. The cart will not tell you why you can't complete your transaction.




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