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OS3 Customers,
It has been a very busy few months for us here.  We are finally able to start shipping out orders within a week of receipt, sometimes even the same day.  Due to my main job, there will still be times where I am gone for the week and orders may take a week or two to ship.  Those instances do not happen very often.

After almost a year of testing, we finally have the armatures performing like we want.  Unfortunately, we are not receiving them in enough quantity to satisfy our demands.  We were hoping to get some 20 ohm armatures with our next shipment, as they have become very popular, but they are not coming.  Since our initial quote, we have added numerous processes to the production of the armatures.  The addition of these processes, combined with the major jump in the value of copper and the fact the Air Freight is the only viable shipping option at this time, our price for the armatures has nearly doubled our initial quote.  This increase, along with the global 11% increase in the price of most items, including our plastic and axles, we are forced to raise the price of the TFX chassis to $29.95. 

With the introduction of the 5.5 ohm armature into our inventory we are also adding an 11T brass gear to the TFX Upgrade page.  This gear meshes perfectly with our plastic gears and can provide a more solid grip on the armature shaft for heavy torque/high downforce drag racing.  This gear may or may not be required depending on the TFX's setup.  It is not required for stock TFX operation and has also shown to be unnecessary for TFX's running Black Dragon magnets.

While we can't offer the 20 ohm armature for sale at this time, we do have a small amount of the other 4 values available that we will be offering for sale.  We will be limiting the sale quantity to 10 total arms per week.  There are no quantity discount on armatures at this time.  Our Cart will not allow us to limit the quantities but we will reduce any orders over the limit to 10.  Again, quantities are very limited, so we suggest ordering soon before they sell out.  We will NOT be offering any 5.5, 14.5, or 18 ohm armatures in our Ready-to-Run cars at this time. 

Our controllers have also suffered from worldwide events, preventing us from stocking all the parts required to make them.  Currently, stock is not expected until the Summer/Fall timeframe, 2022.  There is hope that a small amount may become available from a source in the next few weeks.  If this works out, all controllers will go back into full production.  As our current parts inventory stands, we are only accepting waiting list orders, via email, for the HO ALL Pro and HO ALL Pro Elite controllers (Please include Handle and Wire color with your request).  We do have a waiting list for HO Lite controllers but will not be making any more of them until the stock situation works itself out.

Thanks for your patronage,
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