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HO Lite Replacement Wiper Boards

HO Lite Replacement Wiper Boards


These are HO Lite replacement boards for customers that do have the desire or necessary equipment to replace a faulty Transistor or blue Sensitivity Pot in their controller.


To replace the board

-  Remove the nut securing the trigger/pivot rivet.  The trigger wire does NOT need to be removed but may make things easier to handle.


-  Unsolder the two wires on the left and right side of the board.


-  Remove the two nuts securing the board and the one nut holding the transistor to the aluminum frame.  They are 1/4".


-   Swap the board and reinstall the screws/spacers and nuts.  To assist in getting the nut on the transistor screw use a small screwdriver to push the screw through the hole to allow the nut to be secured.


-   Resolder the two wires.


-   Reinstall the trigger/wire.

Board Color
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