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Mounts and Pins (Pins sold separately)

Mounts and Pins (Pins sold separately)


OS3 Mounts are ambidextrous pieces that fit on either side of a Tjet or TFX Chassis for the mounting of Lexan Bodies.   They have guide ribs to force them into the correct position vertically and are set to the edge of the Clamp recess horizontally.   The mounts are held on by double sided tape and are easily removable and reusable.   Cars can easily switch between hard body and Lexan body classes.   Mounts are pre-taped and ready to mount.  

- No lightening the body
- No cutting and gluing windows
- No drilling or threading screw posts
- No thickness worries (No calipers needed)
- Durable (No cracked posts or A pillars)
- No preferred bodies that float/slide on the gearplate
- Minimal weight difference (All perform about the same)
- Abundance of body styles available (Race what you want vice need to)
- More widely available than hard bodies (No long wait times)
- Easier to make (Make your own with a vacuum former and plastic)
- Cost of most unprepped bodies is around $3 each
- Beautiful paint jobs will brighten up the field
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