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Notched CuGr Motor Brushes

Notched CuGr Motor Brushes


These are our High Quality Copper (Cu) - Graphite (Gr) T-Jet/TFX Motor Brushes.  They are compatible with all Tjet/TFX/AFX and Tjet clone pancake chassis.


We made these brushes for Maximum Conduction and Minimum Wear.  They are .0716" tall and .1200" in Diameter.  All brushes are consistently and conveniently the exact same size.


Notched CuGrs - Are flat on one side and notched on the other side. The flat side faces the commutator and requires minimal sanding on a piece of paper. The notched side faces the brush spring where the notch fits over the spring bend.  When the brush spring is tuned the bend changes position.  To ensure the bend will always fit into the brush the notch is off center.  Turn the brush 180 degrees to find which way fits best.  For TFX and most other cars the short side of the brush should face the magnets.  This means the notch is closest to the magnets.

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