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OS3 302 Anchors

OS3 302 Anchors


These are NOT for the TFX.


Go hard into the corner and "Drop Anchor". 


OS3 302 Anchors are a weighted Front End set that maximizes the use of low center-of-gravity weight to keep the front end planted to the track reduces the tendency of the car to come out of the slot.  These utilize NEW tires that put the diameter at .302".  These tires are NOT interchangeable with the tires on the older OS3 Anchors.


Latest and Greatest!     OS3 302 Anchors is an adjustable weight T-Jet front end set.  Innovative features include low set weight, minimal rotational mass, and a wide stance.   Anchors now feature an even looser design that decouples the brass weights and allows them to float for improved handling.   The bottom of the weights are now recontoured to maintain a safe floating distance from the rails when the front tire diameter is maintained at .295" or larger.   The spacers have been resized to allow easier insertion of the axles and the brass has been redesigned to allow added clearance to prevent shorting of the pickup shoes during racing and when lifting the rear tires during testing.   Wheels are now made of aluminum with an inside boss for a tighter clearance with the axle and a much more stable stance.   Tires are softer for easier installation and removal.   Anchors can be used in the long or short wheelbase position.   Total weight is variable by exchanging the axle with different materials. Anchors are available with Tungsten axles and weigh 3.5 grams.   Substituting with HSS axles they weigh 2.7 grams and with Titanium axles they weigh 2.5 grams.

OS3 302 Anchors are Fray, Quarrel, Ohio Cup, ECHORR and Challenge approved!!

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