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OS3 Lightning Rods (For T-Jets and Similar Chassis)

OS3 Lightning Rods (For T-Jets and Similar Chassis)


Notice: Assortment colors have Changed!!


OS3 Lightning Rod Guide Pins are for the Aurora Thunderjet and similar chassis.  They do NOT fit the TFX chassis. Full Assortments have changed. Teal, Gold and Purple are no longer included. Gold is out of stock and we not be restocked. Purple is almost out of stock and will not be restocked.


The 15-Pack includes 1 Red, 3 Orange, 3 Yellow, 1 Blue, 3 White, 1 Silver and 3 Black. 

The 25-Pack includes 3 Red, 4 Orange, 4 Yellow, 3 Blue, 4 White , 3 Silver and 4 Black.

The 50-Pack includes 6 Red, 8 Orange, 8 Yellow, 6 Blue, 8 White, 6 Silver and 8 Black.

We manufactured our Guide Pins to combine the best features of the previous OS3 Thunderpin and Johnny Lightning pin into one "Perfect" pin.   Lightning Rods feature a beveled hole for 1/72/M2 screws so the pin does not have to be dug out to allow for body roll.   They have a "Nub" on the back that fits into the back chassis hole to ensure proper and consistent positioning.   The back of the pin is "Rough Finished" so scuffing prior to gluing is unnecessary.   At .280", the pin is long enough to run on all plastic and routed tracks.   The Lightning Rod will fit all Aurora, Wizzard and DASH chassis without any alterations.   When inserting the pin remove all glue with acetone or a nitromethane-based super glue remover to aid in fitment.   Available in Black, Red, Blue, Orange, Teal, Purple, Yellow, Silver, Gold, White and a Full Assortment.

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