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TFX Ready To Run Chassis (NEW Colors - Black Wheels)

TFX Ready To Run Chassis (NEW Colors - Black Wheels)


These four colors are exclusive to OS3. 


TFX Chassis are a new type of Pancake-Style-Motor chassis. These RTR cars features colored gears and guide pin and BLACK WHEELS. They combine the best features of the Thunderjet and AFX chassis and a few of our own. They are Ready to Run. Just Snap, Oil and Tweak. Snap in the Guide Pin, Oil the Chassis, and Tweak the Shoes and you are ready to go. To install a body you MUST use a 1-72 or OS3 S2-56 flat head front screw.


TFX Chassis utilizes the following features:

- 1-1/8" width and lowered chassis combined with .340" front tires and .352" rear tires makes bodied cars look more realistic.
- Black color for incredible contrast with all colored parts.
- Same Wheelbase as the Aurora Thunderjet.
- Same Body mounting positions.
- 14 different colors available, times 10 different colored parts provides 100 Trillion possible combinations.



- Solid cross members provide rigid stability and ensures the chassis is straight. 
- AFX style shoes.
- Specially designed pickup shoe spring fits into a recess in the chassis that helps hold the spring in place when installing shoes.        Sets the Shoe tension to 2.0-2.2 grams when the shoes are adjusted.
- Front axle holes allow for long and short wheelbases.
- Recesses to help remove the magnets.
- Recesses to help remove the clamp.
- Snap-in rear axle allows gear ratio changes without having to remove pinion gears.  Also allows for easy cleaning of the axle.  Use the 15T for fast middle lanes and the 19T for tight outside lanes. 
- Snap-in guide pin.  No glue required.  Remove the pin without removing the body.
- Shorter rear deck for more body room.
- OS3 CuGr Notched Brushes which are held by stronger brush tensioners allowing 10-14 grams of pressure.  Can be lowered to achieve more speed at the cost of handling.
- Recess for a tapered flat head front screw.  The chassis requires a 1-72 or OS3 S2-56 screw to be able to clear the track.  Separates the body mounting from the guide pin so the guide pin or body can be removed independent of each other.
- Same horizontal flat sections behind the shoes provide for body movement.



- 3 point mounting system to reduce tension.  3 Mounting posts can be adjusted with pliers to tighten the fit if desired.
- Front and rear overhangs for easy removal.
- Recesses to help remove the idler gear
- Arm gear washer trough to help hold oil for the arm gear
- Slanted front with rails removed far enough back to clear the windshield but not too far back to allow it to hit the arm gear.
- Back is rounded for more body room.

- Gearplate can be easily swapped to allow testing of different motors. No adjustment is necessary. All Gearplates fit the same.


Typhoon Motor

- Available in 16.5, 18 and 20 ohm versions in the TFX. 
- Arm shaft shorter than the chassis bottom to allow easy oiling without fouling the brushes.

- Copper commutator.  

- Color coded wire for easy identification.



- Gray Dragon magnets are slightly stronger than the strongest AFX magnets. (Formerly OS3 Blue Dragons).  White dot denotes the front magnet.

- .704" magnet gap.




- Plastic top, pinion and crown gears.
- 11-26-23/11-15 gear train provides the same gear ratio as an Aurora Thunderjet with a 9-tooth pinion.
- Utilizing the 19T crown gear changes the gear ratio to the equivalent of a 7.1T pinion.
- Larger rear tires change the effective gear ratio.  When compared to a Super Stock Thunderjet with .320 rear tires the effective ratios change to 9.9 with the 15T and 7.8 for the 19T.
- Crowns were designed to mesh with an 11 tooth pinion.


Reducing the required rules for racing

- No replacement parts are necessary
- Gear mesh is great with stock gears.  No sanding or polishing is required.  Machine marks on the gears make it easy to ensure they are stock.
- Crown gear is tucked into the chassis.  Cutting the OD down does not allow the car to be lowered any further 
- Magnets fit without sanding and provide a close gap of around .704".  Paint scheme on the magnets make it difficult to duplicate. Sanding is easily apparent.
- Springs already provide the desired tension of 2.0-2.2 grams.
- Stock tire size provides a very low stance.  Lowering a few thousandths more causes deslotting.
- Rear tires provide excellent grip and are designed specifically for the TFX rear wheels.
- Gearplate rails don't need to be cut to allow bodies to fit better.
- Idler post is a perfect fit for the idler gear and does not need adjustment.
- Gearplate fit provides perfect alignment of the geartrain and does not need to be adjusted.
- Wheel holes are perfect and do not need to be peened of reamed to work with the SS stock TFX axles.

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