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TFX Starter Set

TFX Starter Set


The TFX Starter consist of parts to help customers with their first TFX puchase to ensure their TFX will be able to run on all tracks.  Larger tires are required for all tracks that are not as smooth as routed tracks.  This include most plastic sectional tracks where the stock low profile tires may cause the car to "Bottom Out" and fail to move correctly.  The required screws to mate the TFX to all bodies are also included along with spare guide pins. 


The set consists of larger tires (1 Pair .360" Front, 1 Pair .366" Rear and 1 Pair of .378" Rear), 1 S2-56 and 1 1-72 flat head screws, and 2 extra Black TFX Lightning Rod Guide Pins.  

General Features
We don't want to confuse first time customers with a Features and Specifications page that will have many changes to the standard TFX page.  Please refer to the Standard TFX pages for features and specification and understand that some comments will not apply due to the changes in equipment on this chassis.

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