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Dragon Magnets

Dragon Magnets


OS3 Dragons are epoxy coated molded magnets at ceramic strength.  With the strength of ceramic magnet runs being hit or miss, molded magnets are the logical way to go.   Every magnet is dead-on, sized the exact same.   Size selection has been optimized to fit almost every Aurora chassis without the need for sanding.   This allows clubs the option to remove the need to sand magnets and therefore the need to measure the gap if they wish.   As a side benefit, zapping yields very little to no advantage.  Gains in strength and downforce are insignificant.   


Order of strength from the strongest to the weakest is:

Black Dragons (Strongest)

White Dragons

Gray Dragons/TFX Magnets

Red Dragons (Weakest)


On all magnets the white/silver dot(s) denote(s) the front magnet.


Black Dragons  are Fray/SS strength equal or just a bit stronger than the strongest Ceramic magnets available.   Testing has showed that these magnets are at or near the maximum point for what tjet magnets should be.   They add the needed braking for aftermarket arms and allow backing off of the gap on Aurora arms.   Top speed is at the edge with some cars showing a slight drop when the gap is minimized.   Magnets can now be adjusted for performance vice just being brought all the way in.

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