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TFX  5.5 Ohm Hot RTR Chassis (Matching Wheels)

TFX 5.5 Ohm Hot RTR Chassis (Matching Wheels)


TFX 5.5 Ohm Hot Chassis are TFX chassis fitted with a 5.5 ohm Typhoon armature and Black Dragon magnets.  It combines the lowest ohm Typhoon with the strongest Dragon magnets for a very fast car.  These cars are for racers who know how to tune and run cars this hot.  We have not performed testing on these cars.  We are offering for those who have been retrofitting the TFX this way and would like to purchase the car already set up with these hot parts.  They will be faster but also a lot harder to control and drive.  These are NOT recommended for beginners or first time TFX customers.  Please understand this before purchasing this car.  These cars are only available in the options listed. 


We offer 11 colors in the standard TFX width of 1 1/8" with a 15T Crown Gear.  They have the standard .340" front and .352" rear tires. Red, White, Blue, Yellow and Orange are available in matching or Black Wheels.  Black, Silver, Lime Green, Aqua, Lavender and Mexico Blue are available in Black Wheels only.


General Features
We don't want to confuse first time customers with a Features and Specifications page that will have many changes to the standard TFX page.  Please refer to the Standard TFX pages for features and specification and understand that some comments will not apply due to the changes in equipment on this chassis.

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