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Typhoon Motors

Typhoon Motors


Typhoon Motors were designed for our TFX Chassis.  They are a direct replacement for all Aurora Thunderjet/AFX/MT chassis, .0635" shaft diameter.  Similar aftermarket chassis may have smaller armature holes in the gearplate and may require reaming for proper fit.  Checkout the Specs page below for more details.


Typhoon motors are wrapped on Green-Coated 3-Lam Blanks.  Axle and Lamination ODs match the Aurora Gray-Lam motors.  They can be substitued in any Aurora or similar pancake motored car.  The balance on these motors is very good but is not guaranteed. Most will be well balanced but a small percentage will be out slightly.  All Typhoon motors will run TFX chassis well without balancing.  If the TFX magnets are upgraded the balancing becomes more important. It is NOT recommended to run any unbalanced motor, including Typhoons, with Black Dragon Magnets.  The ohms are very well matched pole to pole.  Our testing showed that on a random batch of (20) 16.5 ohm motors the measured resistance at 70F was between 16.4 to 16.9 with only 1 or 2 falling outside on the high side. Pole to pole variation was 0-.1 ohms on all motors.  18 ohm motors can be as low as 17.4 ohms but are rarely over 18 ohms.  Typhoons are wrapped with color coded wire to make it easier to identify them and assist in determine legality for certain classes.


Red Wire is for Hot Stock/Drag motors


Green Wire is for Super Stock racing


Clear (Copper) Wire is for motors whose ohms fall outside normal racing rules but still have their uses in panckae motored chassis.


Typhoons are available in 5 ohm ratings.


5.5 Ohms - These motors are wrapped with Red Coated Wire and are equivalent to the Aurora Mean Green/Tuff Ones motors.  They work well as Drag motors or as Hot Stock road racing motors when matched with stronger magnets.  Balancing is recommended when upgrading the magnets.


14.5 Ohms - These motors are wrapped with Clear (Copper) Coated Wire and are equivalent to the Aurora Magna-Traction motors.


16.5 Ohms - These motors are wrapped with Green Coated Wire and are equivalent to the Aurora Gray-Lam Thunderjet motor.


18.0 Ohms - These motors are wrapped with Green Coated Wire and are equivalent to the Aurora Christmas Tree motor.  They are a little slower than the 16.5 ohm motor but make the Super Stock cars a bit easier to handle.


20.0 Ohms - These motors are wrapped with Clear (Copper) Coated Wire.  They are intended for the TFX chassis to make the car extremely easy to drive.  Great for very tight tracks, rough home tracks, novice drivers and tracks where the voltage is too high for 16.5 ohm arms to run without brakes.

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